Let's work together

The WTP is with and for the people.

Controlling the future ( the unknown unknown ) in progressive time with the Blue Sky Index is priceless

BSI Deals / Immortallity Deals with WTP-Jerusalem

( for all the 3000 WTP's )

1-The People - Personal Deals

Everyone can make a deal with WTP Jerusalem.

Having a lot of money won't save you from ( aging due to ) your Original Sin.

1-For people who don't have money the use of the BSI is free.

2- For people who are wealthy the use of the BSI is 5 % of the month income one time only.

3- For people who are super rich the use of the BSI is 25% of their wealth

Send it all in euro's to the World Trade Port BV -

Bank: NL27INGB0007876807

- With remark: "For WTP Jerusalem, Prosperity, Peace & Equality Everywhere" + Email Adress + Country

We don't control you, you can control yourself.

Via email you will informed 2 times a year

This is what G'ah is singing to you via Celine and the BeeGees and no one will be left behind. You can count on The Beast, Lucifer and Alfred J. nr. 1,2 and 3 of 666

You Don't know Lucifer? Allow him to introduce himself through The RS:


Deals will be made with all countries

3-Companies / Funds

Deals will be made with all companies & Funds

All the money will be used for fast roll out of the 3000 WTP's all over the world(s) for Prosperity & Peace for All anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

The WTP & Bayze International will take care for the opening  of the timeless Multiverse where all is possible ( 100% Safety & Health, Rejuvenation ( forever 21 ) and Heavenly Sex ) under Blue Sky Index Conditions.

The BSI will strenghten your Will(power).

It's mind over matter.

You are NOT your genes or your desease/illness

You are your Will.

So go like Elijah to the Multiverse or under a tombstone,

the choice is yours now.

The code 666 is cracked in 1999. It's just the code to find the way to the Quantum Multiverse. The code 666 means coworking of people and machines ( AI and CI, Collaborative Intelligence )